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  Congress Website: www.icv26.au    
  Congress email: info@icv26.com.au - for general enquiries  
    papers@icv26.com.au - for enquiries about lectures  
    treasurer@icv26.com.au - for enquiries about registration  
  Address: Flags Australia - ICV26 - for general enquiries & lecture papers 61+2+9481 0978
    PO Box 233    
    Milsons Point, NSW 1565    
    Flags Australia - ICV26 Congress Treasurer - for registration & payments  
    PO Box 5245    
    Pinewood, Victoria 3149    
  Organising Committee of ICV26: Ralph Kelly Chairman (02) 9481 0978
    Tony Burton Lecture Program Coordinator 0425 376 074
    Ralph Bartlett Congress Treasurer (03) 9884 4434
    Gerald Naughton Canberra Coordinator
    Suzanne Kelly Companions Program Coordinator (02) 9875 1337



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The Flag Society of Australia Inc

(trading as Flags Australia)

  Society website: www.flagsaustralia.com.au  
  Society email: info@flagsaustralia.com.au - for general enquiries
    tonyburton@flagsaustralia.com.au - for enquiries about Crux Australis
    ralphkelly@flagsaustralia.com.au - for enquiries about membership
  Address: Flags Australia - for all correspondence
    PO Box 233  
    Milsons Point, NSW 1565  
    Flags Australia - for Ralph Bartlett
    PO Box 5254  
    Pinewood, Victoria 3149  
  Flags Australia Executive Committee: President & Secretary Ralph Bartlett
    Vice-President Tony Burton
    Treasurer Ralph Kelly
    Editor of Crux Australis Tony Burton
    Webmaster www.flagsaustralia.com.au Ralph Kelly
    Committee Members: Jonathan Dixon
      Bruce Luxford
      Gerald Naughton
      Colin Randall
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