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ICV13 Report


Report of the 13th ICV Melbourne 1989

In 1993 a special edition of Crux Australis was published containing the proceedings of the 13th International Congress of Vexillology, that was held on 24-29 September 1989.  Following is a list of the lectures that were published in the report.

A limited number of copies of the ICV13 Report remain available for sale by Flags Australia, at a price of A$60.

Article name Author


13th International Congress of Vexillology: Welcome Letter, Information, Registrants, Lectures, Timetable




13th ICV Melbourne


Australian State Flags (1865-1904): A British Admiralty Legacy


Ralph Kelly


Australia - State Flags

Tobacco & Tea, Chocolate & Chewing Gum: Vexillology and the Common Man Before the Study Existed Don Healy Vexillology, Cigarette Cards and other ephemera
History and Use of the Flag of Israel John Hall Israel
Vexilloids at the Time of the Conquest of Mexico Teodoro Amerlink Mexico
The Design of the Australian Flag: A Gestalt Approach Tony Burton Australia - New Flag Designs
Approaches to Vexillological Research: Port Flags in Australia and Canada - A Case Study Kevin Harrington Australia - Government Entities, Canada
The Flag of the Andes: Argentina 1817-1820 Gustav Tracchia Argentina
Flags on a 200 Years Old Painted Tray Casimir de Rahm Netherlands (Batavian Republic)
Red and Blue Ensign Schizophrenia Steve Duke Australian Flags - History
Flags of Australia John Vaughan Australian Flags - History
Marcus Garvey and the Rasta Colours William Crampton Jamaica, Ghana, Africa
Practical Aspects of Designing, Making and Flying Flags Bruce Nicolls Flag Usage, Flag Design
Flags in India Carlos Ferdinand de Espeso India
Political Flags and Emblems of Scotland Norman Logan Scotland
Flags of the Battle of the Glorious First of June 1794 Barbara Tomlinson United Kingdom, France
5000 Years of Persian Military Banners Whitney Smith Iran
Time to Cut the Umbilicus Between Heraldry and Vexillology Jiri Tenora Vexillology, Heraldry
ICV13 Seminar: Be Seen to Sell Ron Strachan Flag Usage
ICV13 Seminar: Emerging Trends in Flag Design in the Pacific Century Tony Burton and Ralph Kelly Fiji, Oceania
ICV13 Seminar: Technical Challenges Facing Flag Designers and Manufacturers - Flag Graphics by Computer Program and The Place of Colour Codes Graeme Stranton and William Crampton Vexillology
ICV13 Seminar: Designs on an Australian Flag - A Melbourne Workshop Various Australian Flags - New Designs
A Flag That Merits Better Bernard Barrett Eureka Flag
Ballarat to Ballaarat Peter Mansfield Eureka Flag
Art in the Service of Industry Hendel Telcher Flag Art
Hymn to the Heavens Georges-Andre Althaus Vexillology
Adoption of New FSA Flag Tony Burton Flag Society of Australia
Congress Event: Book Launch of Vexillology: A 25th Anniversary History and a Bibliography of Flag Literature Graeme Johanson Flag Publications, Vexillology
Congress Event: The Vexillon Tony Burton Vexillology - ICV
Protocol of the General Assembly of FIAV FIAV Vexillology - ICV

Index compiled by Ralph Kelly.

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