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Current Issue of Crux Australis: Issue No. 146

The most recent issue of Crux Australis is No. 146 [Volume 36/2] issued for the period April - June 2023.   This issue was published late in October 2023. Issue No. 147 for the period July - September 2023 has been delayed.

The contents are:

Vexillogistics (editorial)   Tony Burton

page 59

Charles III crowned King of Australia   Ralph Kelly page 60
New Zealand Prime Minister has a view     page 61
RIP: Dinkum Kiwi Gerald Naughton 1956-2023   Ralph Kelly pages 62 - 63
A flag, but no calypso and clarification from a Bajan leader   David Comissiong, Barbados Today and Tony Burton pages 64 - 65
Martinique: Two failed flag competitions   Ralph Kelly pages 66 - 71
Royal standards of monarchies today   Quiz pages 72 - 73
Barotseland: a forgotten protectorate   Ralph Kelly pages 74 - 76
The beginner's guide to Formula- 1 flags   Mike Seymour, formula1.com

pages 77 - 79

Vale: Commander Bruce Nicolls, RN, 1935-2023   Flag Institute

page 80

Practical aspects of designing, making and flying flags   Bruce Nicolls

pages 80 - 85

Designers' Corner      
New Utah flag foes holding hearings   Tim Vandenack, Standard Examiner pages 86 - 87
Ogden city council approves new flag   Rob Nielsen, Standard Examiner

pages 88 - 89


Flag fever, in the end marketing: O for Orem   Tony Burton          

pages 90 - 108


We mourn the unexpected death of Gerald Naughton, Treasurer of Flags Australia and an enthusiastic collector of flags, including many eclectic designs. One of the last flags he aquired was the royal flag of Barotseland, a forgotten protectorate in Northern Rhodesia, now Zambia. The efforts of Martinique to identify a flag for use by the French territory at international sporting and cultural events is described, with the process being deeply flawed and it resulting in the adoption of an existing pro-independence design. An article that explains the meaning of the various coulred flags seen at Formula-1 car races is reproduced. The lecture by the late Commander Bruce Nicolls, that won the first Vexilon Award in 1989, was about the practice of designing and making flags and his observations remain valid today. The adoption of a new state flag for Utah has prompted several Utahn cities to adopt new flags, and the design process for Orem is described in a long article.





Summary by Ralph Kelly,




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