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Volume 26 to Volume 30

January 2013 to December 2017

Issues numbered 105 to 124

Index of Crux Australis - Part 6

Following is part 6 of the complete listing of all issues of Crux Australis including all the major articles. Issue 4 of each volume includes a full index of all flags and topics contained within individual articles. Articles which do not have an identified author are credited to the editor at the time.  Pages are numbered sequentially by volume.

A number of the state libraries in Australia subscribe to Crux Australis and all issues from No.1 are available in their reading rooms.

All past issues of Crux Australis are available for sale by Flags Australia, though some early issues are only available as photocopies.

Article name   Author
Volume 30 2017      
Issue 124        
crux 124
27th International Congress of Vexillology, London  

Tony Burton

Vexillology - ICV
Steve Duke obituary   Ralph Bartlett Vexillologists - Profile
Somewhere over the rainbow:      
Egypt arrests seven for waving rainbow flag  

ABC News


Kristallnacht: Same-sex marriage supporters homes targeted by vandals


Kym Agius, ABC News

Flags in the ACT  

Edwin Crump

  After the flood, the flag: Letter from Sumeria   Tony Burton LGBTQIA flags
  Curious Canberra - the flag cave   Sonya Gee, ABC News Australia - flag usage
  Russia's revolutions: A sequence of flags   Tony Burton Russia
  Flags of the Soviets and successor states   Tony Burton Flag quiz
  The sable as a symbol in Russian vexillology   Carlos Alberto Morales-Ramírez Russia
  Catalunya crisis   Tony Burton Catalonia
  Pocatello, Idaho raises new improved city flag   flag.pocatello.us USA - city flags

Tony Burton

  Slovene green: turning over a new leaf?  

Tony Burton

Issue 123 Tribute for designer of PNG flag   Radio New Zealand Papua New Guinea
Crux 123 Papua New Guinea crest and flag  

Geoff Littler

Papua New Guinea
Fiji - the flag, the medal, the fall-out   Sydney Morning Herald Fiji
Canada's 150th - A bright anniversary   Ralph GC Bartlett Canada
Logo Controversies  

Canadian media

Flag flubs  

Daily Mail and other media

United Kingdom
"Blood of martyrs": Mauritania flag change?   Agence France Presse Mauritania
  Flag retirement protocol   Ralph Kelly Australia - flag usage
  Top end flag man  

Mark Rigby, ABC Radio, Darwin

Vexillologists - Profile
  Designer's Corner:      
  Vexadventures - part II   David Maus and Rachel Brandon design - national flags
  Two shades of blue: Argentina - vexing vex   The Economist Argentina
  Tanzania takes two to tango  

Tony Burton

  Springfield, Missouri  

Radio KY3, Springfield

USA - city flags
  Rochester city flag  


USA - city flags
  Big K for Kaiapoi   Tony Burton & John Moody New Zealand - city flags
  Gilbert Baker: activist who created the rainbow flag   Matthew Haag, New York Times LGBTQIA flags
Issue 122 ICV27 Update London 7-11 August 2017  


Vexillology - ICV
crux 122 1st Georgian National Conference of Heraldry and Vexillology   State Council of Heraldry, Georgia Georgia
Georgia marks National Flag Day   www.heraldry.ge Georgia
New model Moldova  

Tony Burton and media reports

Norfolk Island  

Tony Burton

Norfolk Island
Gambia - free at last  

Tony Burton

Designer's Corner:      
  A new frontline for flag design   www.ted.com flag design
  Doing pennants: How to fix an ugly flag   Rebeckah Barnett, ideas.ted.com flag design
  Seven fantastic flags that break every design rule  

Roman Mars, ideas.ted.com

flag design
  Book Review: Vexillogistics  

John Cartlledge, Flagmaster

flag design
  Milwaukee flag make-over   Tony Burton flag design
  Pocatello ditto   Paul Beam, www.kpvi.com and flag.pocatello.us flag design
  Adventures in vexillology: The top 10 best designed flags  

Brandon Hundt, Rachelbrandon.com

flag design
  14 Nations and artful flags (Nations imagined by RH Mathews): Archie Moore  

David Broker, Canberra Contemporary Art Space

Australia - indigenous
  Archie Moore - 14 Queensland Nations  

Frances Wyld, www.artlink.com.au

Australia - indigenous
  Blue over blue   Tony Burton flag design
  Green flags   Tony Burton Flag Quiz
  Senator rains on Rainbow flag   Tom McIlroy, Sydney Morning Herald Australia - other
  Australia Day and the flag   Jenny Noyes, Sydney Morning Herald Australian Flag - usage
  Book Review: Worth Dying For   Lawrence Joffe, www.thejc.com Vexillology - Books
Issue 121 Dr Whitney Smith 1940 - 2016  

Tony Burton

Vexillologists - Profile
Crux 121
In memoriam: Dr Whitney Smith   Flag Bulletin No. 234 Vexillologists - Profile
A personal tribute   Ralph Bartlett Vexillologists - Profile
World Vexillology Day   Tony Burton Flag Quiz
A Frenchman, Federation and the Australian Flag: Lucien Henry  

Tony Burton

Australia - other
Australian Republicans at 25  

Glenn Davies, republicanchat.blogspot.com.au

Australia - republic
  An Australian Republic   Peter FitzSimons, National Press Club Australia - republic
  The Crown: Empire strikes back   Tim Dick, Sydney Morning Herald Australia - republic
  Flags set alight at clashes in Melbourne  

Megan Neil, News.com.au

Australian Flag - usage
  Burning the flag is "simply a dog act"  

Rita Panahi, Herald Sun

Australian Flag - usage
  Schererazade, not Shahada   Daniel Piotrowski, Daily Mail Australia; Ziad Ramley, thump.vice.com Islamic flags
  TSI flag stolen from park  

Heidelberg Leader

Australia - indigenous
  Trump takes the heat: flag burning outlawed?  

Adam Shaw, FoxNews.com

United States
  US flag falls short  

emails Tony Burton and Ted Kaye

United States
  Caped crusaders: should the Australian flag be banned as a fashion item?  

Chris Jager, Lifehacker.com

Australian Flag - usage
  How Zimbabwe made the Zimbabwean flag illegal   Munyaradzi Dodo, Sydney Morning Herald Zimbabwe
  The problem with Australia Day   Martin Flanagan, Sydney Morning Herald Australian Flag - usage
  Designers' corner:      
  Australia - a flag for unity   Bob "King" Crawford Australia - New Flag Designs
  Flag ACT in Canberra   Tony Burton ACT
  City of Sydney   Tony Burton Australia - City flags
  Cost of NSW Government logo criticised   Danuta Kozaki, ABC News Australia - other
Volume 29
Issue 120        
Crux 120 Refugee Nation  

Annalisa Merelli, Quartz magazine

Olympic Games - Rio 2016
ICV27 London 2017  

The Flag Institute www.icv27.co.uk

Vexillology - ICV
A Tribute to a Mate: Dr Peter Orenski (1940-2016)  

Ralph Kelly & Ralph Bartlett

Vexillologists - Profile
Brexit Breaks It: Flag Fall Out  

Tony Burton

United Kingdom
Flag Heist at EU Corral   Lilly Beaurouge www.express.co.uk European Union
  What Does The European Flag Even Mean?  

Jessica Schulberg, New Republic

European Union
  Other Flags of Modern European Usage   Flag Quiz Europe, flag quiz
  Olympic Storm in China Cup  

Brenda Goh, Reuters

Olympic Games - Rio 2016
  Why Vexillologists Are Necessary  

gallery of flag errors

  Election Emblems Seducing Australia With Vexilloids   Josh Butler (Huffington Post Australia) and Tony Burton Australia - other
  Ceremonial Banners of Australian Police Forces  

Ralph Bartlett

Australia - other
  Designers' Corner:      
  A Bay Without A Banner   Tony Burton and John Moody Jervis Bay Territory (proposal)
  NSW: Making It Happen   Michael Koziol (SMH) Australia - other
  Fiji Won't Change National Flag (For Now)   Richart Ewart (ABC Radio Australia) Fiji
Issue 119        
Crux 119 Green and gold: the flag of Brazil  

Tony Burton

Lozenges, but not lemons  

Tony Burton

Italy: the President's standard  

website of President of Italy

Flags of the states of Brazil  

flagsforum.com - posting by Smertios

  Designers' corner: Improvements?  

flagsforum.com - postings by Vexilo, Smertios & VoronX

Brazil, flag design
  Carnaval - in flags   Tony Burton Flag Quiz
  A flagging salute  

Daven Hiskey (Today I Found Out website)

  The Star of David  

FAQ from soc.culture.jewish newsgroups (scjfaq.org)

  The first Aboriginal flag   Bob King Crawford Australian Flags - Indigenous
  Flag change and other scandals  

Tony Burton

Australian Flag - usage
  Eureka flag misuse by Australia First Party   Bridget Judd (ABC News) Eureka
  Police Force flags of Australia   Ralph GC Bartlett Australia - other
Issue 118        
crux 118 New Zealand Referendum   various commentaries New Zealand
Fiji feedback  

Fiji Times, FBC

Six credible alternatives to the Australian flag  

Dr. Benjamin Jones

Australia - New Flag Designs
Six flags- a very mixed bag  

Tony Burton

Australia - New Flag Designs
Does a credible Australian flag need a kangaroo?   Tony Burton Australia - New Flag Designs
  Flags and the familiarity principle  

Ted Kaye

Fiji, flag design

Dancing with flags: Madonna in Manila

  Philippines media The Philippines
  Flag etiquette: touching the ground  

Tony Burton

Australian Flag - usage
  Designer's Corner:      
  Cyprus reunification   various designers and comments Cyprus
  CHOGM 2015: Design by origami?  

Tony Burton

The Commonwealth
  City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder   Andrew Reynolds Australia - City flags
  Falling stars, or coming up trumps? - vexillographics in the US election   Milton Glaser United States
  Presidential primaries   Tony Burton Flag Quiz
  Police flags in Australia: new Victoria Police ceremonial banner   Ralph GC Bartlett Australia - other
  New flag book: Vexillogistics   Tony Burton vexillology - books
Issue 117        
Crux 117 Do flags still matter?:      
Flags: are these symbols of our greatest good still relevant?  

Ryan Balmain, globalcitizendaily.com

Why do flags matter?  


Flags and other symbols: do they matter?  

Immanuel Wallerstein (iwallerstein.com)

Do flags matter for democracy?   Arnoldo Testi, power2power.info Vexillology
  Flags hyggelig and folkelig  

Michael Booth (book extract)

  What the Confederate Flag really means to America today, according to a race historian   Roberto A. Ferdman, The Washington Post United States
  Why do flags matter? The case of Japan  

Takashi Yoshida, theconversation.com


Flags and civil respect (or not):

  Wrong flag, red faces   Jacquelyn Gagliardi, thevine.com.au Flag Usage - International
  Good neighbours?   Gold Coast Bulletin Australian Flag - usage
  Standing up to the Stasi   Peter Schneider (book extract) Flag Usage - International
  Ryde riders raise the flag   Ron Marton, Riding for the Disabled Association (NSW) Australian Flag - usage
  Meanwhile, across the Tasman...   www.stuff.co.nz and nzherald.co.nz New Zealand
  The peak of perfection?   Tony Burton New Zealand
  Flags of the Pacific Part 2   Tony Burton Flag Quiz
  Designers' corner: Fiji   Tony Burton Fiji
  New star on horizon as Northern Territory seeks statehood   Steven Scott, Courier Mail Northern Territory
Volume 28
Issue 116        
Crux 116
26th International Congress of Vexillology, Sydney   Jonathan Dixon and Tony Burton Vexillology - ICV
The Bowman Flag as a call to arms  

Tony Burton

Australia - historical
Designer's corner... and a Riddle  

Tony Burton

New Zealand
A sovereign flag  

Tony Burton

New Zealand
Final four now five   Tony Burton New Zealand
  "Wow Factor" Essential for new flag (or not)  

New Zealand Herald

New Zealand
  The Tao of Wow   Tony Burton New Zealand
  Flag show at half mast  

Claire Trevett, New Zealand Herald

New Zealand

Blue flags of the Pacific : Quiz

  Tony Burton Flag Quiz
  Fiji National Flag Committee   Ted Kaye Fiji
  A new flag for a new Fiji   www.newfijiflag.com Fiji
  A tale of two poles   Wadan Narsey, Fiji Times Fiji
  Rethinking the designs?   Tony Burton Fiji
  Fiji's flag fiasco   Wadan Narsey, Fiji Times Fiji
  A few letters vox pop   Fijitimes.com Fiji
  New Fiji flag deadline postponed   Media release, Prime Minister Bainimarama Fiji
  Fiji and Kiwi flags: a work in Progress   Tony Burton Fiji, New Zealand

How the Confederacy lives on in the flags of seven southern states

  Christpher Ingraham, The Washington Post United States
  Why is the flag still there?   Yoni Apelbaum, The Atlantic United States

Issue 115

Crux 115
The great (Canadian) flag debate   Nichole Fernández Canada
The maple leaf  

Canadian Heritage, www.canada.ca

How the maple leaf flag was "rigged"  

Paul Hunter, Toronto Star

Canada's maple leaf flag born amid bitter debate  

Paul Hunter, Toronto Star


What might have been and fortunately wasn't

  Tony Burton Canada
  Canadian flag designs rejected   Adrienne Crezo, mentalfloss.com Canada
  "Beaver if desired": What rejected flags tell of Canada's identity  

Katie Daubs, Toronto Star

  A flag for every reason?   Tony Burton Canada
  Flags of Canada: Quiz  

Tony Burton


Once upon a time in "Canadia"

  Steven Scott, News Corp Canada
  New Zealand to hold flag referendum   Tony Burton New Zealand
  Fiji flag designs invited   News Corp Fiji
  Fiji flag filibuster fails   Salaseini Moceiwai, Fiji Times Fiji
  Designer of Fiji Airways logo dies   Repeka Nasiko, Fiji Times Fiji
  Aboriginal original flag missing  

Tim Williams, Adelaide Now

Australia - indigenous
  Identity recovered   Kerry Brewster, ABC TV Lateline Australia - indigenous
  "Free Tibet" flags made in China   BBC News Tibet
  Tibet chief demands monasteries display Chinese flags   Associated Press, cartoon by Zev Landes Tibet
Issue 114        
Crux 114
ANZAC - and the flag for which it stood   Tony Burton Australian Flag - History
The making of a myth  

Anzac archives

Australian Flag - History
ANZAC - Busting a myth   Chris Sheedy & Steve Offner, UNIKEN Issue 73 Australian Flag - History
Anzac Day is about their deaths, not our lives   Jonathan Green,The Drum, ABC Australian Flag - History

Cashing in on a black flag?

  The Glowman Flags Australian Flags - Other
  The Battle of Broken Hill   Tony Burton Australian Flag - History
  The Armenian Holocaust   Tony Burton Armenia
  Armenian Genocide 1915: An overview   John Kifner, New York Times Armenia
  Kurds resurgent   Hugh Calvarin, Vexilla Franciae Kurdistan

The Aboriginal Flag: a fragment found?

  The Australian Australia - indigenous
  Women and flags in their (rightful) place   Tony Burton International flags - other
  Whose ensign is that?   OzDesijn United Kingdom - Dominions
  The Australian Flag between 1914 and 1918   Cameron Riley, Australian FlyingCorps.com Australian Flag - History
  Flags of the First World  War  

Tony Burton

Flag Quiz
  Patriotic postcards of the Great War, by jingo!   Tony Allen, worldwarpostcards.com Postcards
Issue 113        
Crux 113 In Memoriam: Elaine Peters   Ralph Bartlett Vexillologists - Profile
Australian Identity  

Simon Longstaff, St James Ethics Centre, Sydney

Australia - national identity
Taboo Tattoo  

Alan Stokes, Sydney Morning Herald

Flag Design Elements - Southern Cross
A Black Flag   ABC News Islamic Flags

Sydney Siege Highlights Australia's Ethnic Tensions

  Kaori Takahashi, Nikkei Asian Review Islamic Flags
Melbourne man flies flag of terrorist group   The Age Islamic Flags
  Taunts of the T-shirts   Tony Burton Australia - national identity

Keyboard Warriors: Australian Defence League

  ABC News Australia - national identity

Green and Gold Guernsey, By Jingo

  Daniel Mills, Daily Mail Australia - sports
  Loose Halyards   Tony Burton Flag Usage - International
  Green and Gold - Team Australia?   Tony Burton Australia - sports
  Symbols on the Symbol   Arthur Hibbert, newaustralianflag.org Australia - New Flag Designs
  Flagging Support for Change   Australian Financial Review Australia - New Flag Debate
  The Australian Civil Aviation Flag   Frank Foley and Jonathan Dixon Australian Flags - Other
  Eight-Pointed Polygon  

Tony Burton

Flag Quiz
  Staged Imagery: Massed Flags   Tony Burton Flag Usage - Australia and International
  Tiranga - The Flag of India   Tony Burton India
  Know Your National Flag   Flag Foundation of India India
  Tallest Flag Pole, Jaipur   Flag Foundation of India India
  None but the Lion flag of Kandy   Sri Lanka Sunday Times Sri Lanka
  Catalunya's National Day 2014   Tony Burton Catalonia, Spain
  Flag Ban Not So Nice   William Horobin, Wall Street Journal Flag Usage - International
  Nigeria: No Strange Flags   www.informationng.com Nigeria
  Star of Hope: The Flag of Ogadeniya   Tony Burton and Mohd. Omar Ogaden, Ethiopia
Volume 27
Issue 112
Crux 112 Eureka 160:      

What Eureka Means to Me...

  Peter FitzSimons Eureka Flag
A Flag in Waiting?   Edwin Crump Eureka Flag
Eureka's Flag Pro and Con  

Tony Burton

Eureka Flag
Flag Portents?   Tony Burton, Michael Field, www.stuff.co.nz New Zealand, Fiji

Highland Fling, the Flag Thing

  Tony Burton United Kingdom, Scotland

Changing Australia's Flag - A Constitutional Question

  ABC Fact Check Australia - New Flag Debate, United Kingdom, Scotland

Secessionist Flags of the Donbass

  Tony Burton Ukraine
  FIFA Flag Flubs   Peter Croft Flag Usage - International
  The Flag of Buddhism   Tony Burton Buddhism
  The Buddhist Flag: State Symbol of Sri Lanka?   Zev Landes Buddhism
  Bibles on Flags   Ralph Kelly Flag Design Elements - Bibles
  Wheels Within Wheels: The Rotary Flag   Ron Strachan Service Organisation - Rotary

Nigeria: One Flag Less is More

  Tony Burton Nigeria
  Black Flag of a Counterfeit Caliphate   Tony Burton Iraq, Syria
  Flags and Federations  

Tony Burton

Flag Quiz
  Cinderella Federation   Tony Burton West Indies
  Stop Laughing: This is Serious   Sydney Morning Herald Ukraine
Issue 111
ICV26 Sydney   Ralph Kelly Vexillology - ICV
Crux 111

Mystery Flag Unfurled

  Tony Burton Comoros
Flags Quiz: Striped Flags   Tony Burton Flag Quiz
Forgotten Flags of Araby  

Tony Burton

Yemen, Federation of South Arabia
Flags of the Dharma Chakra   Tony Burton Buddhism


  Ralph Kelly Kiribati
New Zealand Flag Debate:      
  Alternative Kiwi Flag Designs   Tony Burton New Zealand

Is it Time to Change the NZ Flag?

  New Zealand Herald New Zealand

NZers Favour New Design - Survey 2010

  Derek Cheng, New Zealand Herald New Zealand
  Key Needs to be Bolder on Flag Change   New Zealand Herald New Zealand
  Should the Silver Fern be NZ's New Flag?   blog comments: The New Zealand Herald New Zealand
  NZ to Hold Referendum...   BBC New Zealand
  ... But Not This Year, Folks!   The Australian New Zealand
  The Key Speech   John Key, Prime Minister New Zealand
  A Picture, a Thousand Words  

Cartoons, various newspapers

New Zealand
  Top TweetsAbout Changing the NZ Flag   Bryce Edwards, liberation.typepad.com New Zealand
  Alternative Designs for the NZ Flag: Notes from Te Ara   Kerryn Pollock New Zealand
  In Memoriam: John Collier and Kirk Bradbury   Ralph Bartlett Vexillologists - Profile
Issue 110

Crux 110

Canada's Flag: John Matheson 1917 - 2013

  Huffington Post Canada Canada
Canada's Flag: John Matheson 1917 - 2013   Huffington Post Canada Canada

A Lower Standard

  The Guardian, UK Australia - flag usage
The Illusion of Flags   Tony Burton

Flag Design

Poles Apart: Sculpture at Mandela Capture Site  


South Africa
  West Papua Rally   Liam Fox, ABC News West Papua
  Arrests at West Papua Flag-Raising   The Guardian, UK West Papua

No Prague Spring in Kyiv

  Tony Burton Ukraine

Flags of Prathet Thai

  Tony Burton Thailand
  Flags Quiz: Mystery Flag   Tony Burton

Flag Quiz

  Flags Quiz: Flags on the Wing   Tony Burton

Flag Quiz

  Provincial Flags of Papua New Guinea   Nelson P Thom and Tony Burton Papua New Guinea
  Kago Frum John ...   Tony Burton Vanuatu

Go Kago Logo [G20]

  www.g20.org Design - Logos

Stop Press: Kiwi Flag Change?

  Tony Burton New Zealand
Issue 109
Crux 109 Australian Flags: An Exercise in Civics   Tony Burton Australian Flag - usage

Identity Green and Gold: The Original Sports Flag

  Athol Kelly Australia - New Flag Designs
Flags Quiz: Green and Gold   Tony Burton

Flag Quiz

Wrapped in Colours of Denial  

Andrew Taylor, Sydney Morning Herald

Australian Flag - art
  Murrawari Republic   Tony Burton Australian Flags - Indigenous
  Desert Flag of the Anangu   Tony Burton Australian Flags - Indigenous

In the Navy ...

  Tony Burton Australia - military

New Australian Flag Book: Murphy's Signals Hobart Town

  Ralph Kelly Australia - Historical Flags
  Vexibrits - Badges of Empire   Tony Burton United Kingdom - Territories
  Red and Gold Flags of Llwelyn of Gwynedd Owain Glyndwr   Tony Burton Wales
  Flags of the Norse Shores   Jan Oskar Engene Norway
  Flagging the White Rock - Makatea   Colin Randall French Polynesia
  Bigger Than Texas: Dr Whitney Smith's Research Center Archives   Ralph Bartlett Vexillology
Volume 26
Issue 108
Crux 108 25th International Congress of Vexillology, Rotterdam   Tony Burton Vexillology - ICV

30 Years 1983-2013 Flag Society of Australia / Flags Australia

  Ralph Bartlett Vexillology - Australia
26th International Congress of Vexillology, Sydney, 2015   Ralph Kelly

Vexillology - ICV

  Meanjin Radically Reimagines the Australian Flag  

Heath Killen, Desktopmag.com.au

Australia - New Flag Designs
  Artists Flag Fresh Symbols of a Nation's Hope and Ideals   Linda Morris, Sydney Morning Herald Australia - New Flag Designs
  Designers' Comments (Meanjin)   Harry Williamson and other designers Australia - New Flag Designs

Far Out Flags of Fufuland

  Tony Burton Australia - New Flag Designs

A Superfluous Flag?

  Michael Iacuone Australia - New Flag Designs
  An Australian Flag - Readers' Panel   Sydney Morning Herald Australia - New Flag Debate
  Australian National Flag Day 2013   Tony Burton Australian Flag - usage
  Union Jack Scot Free: Scottish Referendum Could Change Fabric of Aussie Flag?   Cameron Atfield, The Age United Kingdom
  Flagging Secession   Halifax Rasmussen Australian Flags - Other
  Paraguay Flag Changes   Tony Burton Paraguay
  Know Your Flags Quiz: Red and Gold   Tony Burton Flag Quiz
  Flags of Occasion: Celebrating the Personal   Tony Burton Australian Flags - Other
Issue 107 The Reign in Spain   Al Jazeera Press Report Spain
crux 107 Mutch Dutch Ado: Netherlands Goes Orange fo the Monarchy   Tony Burton Netherlands
Wonderland: Nationalist Symbols of the DPRK   Zev Landes

North Korea

Patriotism 101: Flags as Propaganda   Tony Burton North Korea
  Bahrain: Demonstrator Jailed for Insulting National Flag   Russsia Today Press Report Bahrain
  Chagossians Vexed   Tony Burton British Indian Ocean Territory
  Whose Orange Flag?   Tony Burton Flag Quiz
  Red Flag for Aceh Autonomy   Michael Bachelard, SMH Indonesia
  Malaysian Flag Furore Over Alleged National Flag Redesign   Tony Burton and blogs from Global Voice Online Malaysia
  Shining Stars: Simplicity in the Flag of Alaska   Peter Croft United States
  Getting the Hang of It   Tony Burton Design - vertical flags
Issue 106 Ausflag Launches the Australian Sporting Flag   Ausflag, Press Reports and blogs Sports Flags
crux 106 The Flag is Our Greatest Australian Divide   Jessica Marszalek, Herald Sun Australia - New Flag Debate
In Case We've Forgotten ... A Media Flag-waving Exercise   www.crikey.com.au and other blogs Australia - New Flag Debate
New Aussie Flag Design Explained   John Blaxland, Canberra Times Australia - New Flag Designs
Workable Flag Designs?   Tony Burton Australia - New Flag Designs
Some Things Never Flag   various archival posters Australian Flag - usage
  Malaysian Flags Observed   Peter Croft Malaysia
  Malaysia: Flags Within Flags   Tony Burton Malaysia
  Which Flag is That? Blue, Red and Gold   Tony Burton Flag Quiz
  Over the Rhine is Liechtenstein   Tony Burton Liechtenstein
  Vexilliferous Vexed   Tony Burton Europe
  A Shattering Continent   Dominic Sandbrook, The Daily Mail Europe
Issue 105 Palestine at the UN   Tony Burton Palestine
Ctux 105 Irish Eyes Not Smiling - The Union Jack Riots   Press Reports United Kingdom
Why We Reinvented The Union Jack for the Closing Ceremony   Es Devlin, Telegraph UK Olympic Games - London 2012
Scots Want to Break Free?   Tony Burton United Kingdom
Flags of Changi   Bob Crosthwaite, Reveille Australian Flag - History
  Recognising Eureka   Dr Andrew Leigh MP, Hansard Australia - Historical Flags
  Bring Back Eureka From the Extremes   Peter FitzSimons, SMH Australia - Historical Flags
  Nothing But a Pointless Piece of Cloth   Matt Petersen, SMH Australian Flag - usage
  Australia Day: Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!   Heather Wallace, HerCanberra.com.au Australian Flag - usage
  The Australian Flag: A Design Odyssey   Tony Burton Australia - New Flag Designs
  Know Your Flags - Blue, Green & Gold   Tony Burton Flag Quiz
  Design Forum: London 2012 Identity   The Guardian Olympic Games - London 2012; Design - Logos
  Gap Scraps Logo   The Guardian Design - Logos

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