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Crux 127

Current Issue of Crux Australis: Issue No. 127

The most recent issue of Crux Australis is No. 127 [Volume 31/3] issued for the period July - September 2018.

The contents are:

Vexillogistics (editorial)   Tony Burton

page 107

The red flag takes the biscuit   Tony Burton page 108
Seeing red over the "wrong" ensign   Brendan Mounter, ABC Far North Queensland pages 109 - 111
The flag myths of Polygon Wood   Tony Burton pages 112 - 115
The Governor's golden ensign  

Tony Burton

page 116
Nowhere like Niue  

Tony Burton

pages 117 - 120

The Aboriginal Flag: a case study in vexillology   Tony Burton page 121
The Aboriginal flag: symbolism, history and meaning   www.welcometocountry.org pages 122 - 126
National flag is for all of us   Daily Telegraph, editorial page 127
The view from the hill   Nick Hose, ABC News Alice Springs pages 128 - 129
Putting out more flags: change in Malaysia   Tony Burton pages 130 - 133
Violet, white and green: centenary of women's suffrage   Tony Burton page 134
Flag burning and power play   Tony Burton pages 135 - 136
Vexinoia: ignorance, credulity and paranoia  

Tony Burton and Elizabeth Licata, The Daily Meal

pages 136 - 137

Flags in the round - part 2  


pages 138 - 139

eSwatini   Tony Burton pages 140 - 141
A Balkan salad: Four flags and name change for Macedonia  

Tony Burton and Australian Associated Press

pages 142 -143

One leg in front of the other: The Isle of Man's Triskelion - Part 1   Ralph GC Bartlett pages 144 - 156


The main article in this issue is the first part of a detailed examination of the flags and symbols of the Isle of Man by Ralph GC Bartlett. The three-legged Triskelion is a remarkable emblem, creating one of the world's most distinctive flags.

Following last issue’s coverage of the Birdwood flag of 1917 – a wartime Australian red ensign - this edition considers different aspects of various ensigns, the red, the blue national flag and even the rare golden versions.

The balance of the issue consists of numerous small articles that relate to recent flag-related news items.

NAIDOC Week in July prompts a summary history of the Aboriginal flag as well as different perceptions on its significance for the whole nation as one of several official flags of Australia.  

Political party flags played a very visible part in the stunning electoral upset in Malaysia in May. Although women’s right to vote was recognised and enacted in South Australia and New Zealand in the 1890s, in Britain itself, suffrage was delayed for a generation, celebrated this centennial year under the colours of 1918.

Flags are also sometimes used as props in power play, with flag burnings provoked by Donald Trump’s edict transferring the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, two flags trumpeting triumph on one side and chutzpah on the other.

Two countries, one Balkan, the other African, change their names but not their flags. A quiz tests recognition of a second round of flags with circles as their main design feature. 






Commentary by Tony Burton


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