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Crux 120

Current Issue of Crux Australis: Issue No. 121

The most recent issue of Crux Australis is No. 121 [Volume 30/1] issued for the period January - March 2017.

The contents are:

Vexillogistics (editorial)   Tony Burton

page 3

Dr Whitney Smith 1940 - 2016  

Tony Burton

page 4
In memoriam: Dr Whitney Smith   Flag Bulletin No. 234 pages 5 - 7
A personal tribute   Ralph Bartlett page 8
World Vexillology Day  

Flag Quiz

page 9
A Frenchman, Federation and the Australian Flag: Lucien Henry  

Tony Burton

pages 10 - 13
Australian Republicans at 25  

Glenn Davies, republicanchat.blogspot.com.au

pages 14 - 15

An Australian Republic   Peter FitzSimons, National Press Club pages 16 - 19
The Crown: Empire strikes back   Tim Dick, Sydney Morning Herald pages 20 - 22
Flags set alight at clashes in Melbourne  

Megan Neil, News.com.au

pages 23 - 24
Burning the flag is "simply a dog act"  

Rita Panahi, Herald Sun

pages 25 - 27
Schererazade, not Shahada   Daniel Piotrowski, Daily Mail Australia; Ziad Ramley, thump.vice.com pages 27 - 29
TSI flag stolen from park  

Heidelberg Leader

page 29
Trump takes the heat: flag burning outlawed?  

Adam Shaw, FoxNews.com

pages 30 - 31

US flag falls short  

emails Tony Burton and Ted Kaye

page 31

Caped crusaders: should the Australian flag be banned as a fashion item?  

Chris Jager, Lifehacker.com

pages 32 - 37

How Zimbabwe made the Zimbabwean flag illegal   Munyaradzi Dodo, Sydney Morning Herald pages 38 - 40
The problem with Australia Day   Martin Flanagan, Sydney Morning Herald pages 41 - 42
Designers' corner:      
Australia - a flag for unity   Bob "King" Crawford page 43
Flag ACT in Canberra   Tony Burton pages 44 - 46
City of Sydney   Tony Burton pages 47 - 51
Cost of NSW Government logo criticised   Danuta Kozaki, ABC News

page 52


The edition opens with tribute to US vexillologist Whitney Smith, who died in November 2016 a few weeks after inauguration of World Vexillology Day - an initiative to promote the deeper understanding of flags that Dr Smith pioneered through the Flag Research Center he established in October 1961.

Debate reviving in Australia over its present proxy monarchy or a future republic, and whether the January anniversary of the first British colony is the best way to unite the nation, prompts articles on what kind of identity is expressed in the flag and the uses to which it is put, including wearing and even burning it.
The anniversary, also in January, of Australia as a single nation prompts reference to a little-known French connection with Federation and the flag as we know it – the same flag the focus of protests in Melbourne, partly provoked by the rise of massed-flag “patriotism”, with a decidedly anti-immigrant bent.  A remarkable instance of ignorance and bigotry, again in Melbourne, insists that the Torres Strait Islanders’ flag is somehow “Arabic ”, while a Federal MP in Perth could not tell the difference between the ISIL banner and the logo of a local nightclub. 

Overseas, in Zimbabwe, popular appropriation of the national flag in protest against longstanding misgovernment has led to a unique case of flag banning.  In the US, flag burning is anathema to another elected populist leader, flag-hugger Donald Trump. A flaw in the US flag behind Hillary Clinton could have been an omen of what eventuated.

A significant aspect of vexillology, design is represented by the suggestion for an Australian flag of national unity (a symbol for everyone).  Others call for amendment to the existing flags of the Australian Capital Territory and of the City of Sydney, while a NSW Government vexilloid has drawn criticism for its expense and dubious necessity. 

A quiz challenges recognition of nearly 200 national flags on a 2010 chart. That two are now obsolete demonstrates that national flags can and do change.



Commentary by Tony Burton


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