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crux 132

Current Issue of Crux Australis: Issue No. 132

The most recent issue of Crux Australis is No. 132 [Volume 32/4] issued for the period October - December 2019.

The contents are:

Vexillogistics (editorial)   Tony Burton

page 159

Flags as homework   Malcolm Bourke pages 160 - 161

25th International Congress of Vexillology


based on reports to FOTW by Bruce Berry and Ralph Bartlett

pages 162 - 172

Greenland and its flag not for sale ... yet  

Tony Burton

pages 173 - 175

The flag that could have been Greenland's  

Anton Pihl

pages 176 - 177

How Fred Brownell designed South Africa's flag


BBC News Magazine

pages 178 - 182

What the flag means  

Yolisa Mkele, Sunday Times, South Africa

page 183
Hong Kong reads the stars  

Tony Burton


"Not us": Push for a new ACT coat of arms gathers momentum   Dan Jervis-Bardy, Canberra Times pages 185 - 187
Wagga Wagga City Council   City of Wagga Wagga page 188
City of Goulburn, NSW  

Jonathan Dixon and Tony Burton

pages 189 - 191

A waratah, not a lotus  

Tony Burton

pages 192 - 196

Is the waratah emblem about to be plucked?   Peter Hannam, Sydney Morning Herald pages 197 - 198
Topeka, Kansas   Greater Topeka Partnership and WIBW-TV

page 199

Say it with flowers   Quiz pages 200 - 201
Foundations of vexillology:    


Aspects of flags 232   Tony Burton pages 202 - 206
Index of Crux Australis Volume 32   Tony Burton pages 207 - 208


The opening essay by one of our youngest members shows that natural curiosity leads to vexillology: an example to inspire the next generation around the world, and transcending the frequent association of flags with narrow nationalism. An overview follows of the most recent International Congress of Vexillology (ICV28) at San Antonio, Texas.

Donald Trump’s brainstorm in August to buy Greenland prompts background on the flag of the self-governing Danish territory, with intriguing detail on its origin and derivation.  In a similar subliminal way, the South African flag evolved from an idle doodle at the Zurich flag conference in 1993. With protests in Hong Kong entering a seventh month, the details of the local flag and the subtlety of its layers of meaning are topical – and typically Chinese. The Chinese design device of tangram explores the many ways of looking at a flag, and prompts a vexillological version of Rubik’s Cube. Think outside the rigid rectangle.

On 23 August the Australian Capital Territory Legislative Assembly published recommendations related to calls for revision of its Arms and flag. The historic flags of two regional cities of NSW are presented: Goulburn and Wagga Wagga and its double W explained.  Implied in the case of Goulburn, a floral device already the state emblem of NSW, the waratah, has been suggested for a new state flag.  Further afield, the state capital of Kansas has a bold proposal for a new flag. A floral theme is sustained in the flag quiz, while the index lists all flag topics in the four issues of Crux Australis for 2019.



Commentary by Tony Burton


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ICV13 Report


ICV13 Report



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