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Crux 122

Current Issue of Crux Australis: Issue No. 122

The most recent issue of Crux Australis is No. 122 [Volume 30/2] issued for the period April - June 2017.

The contents are:

Vexillogistics (editorial)   Tony Burton

page 55

ICV27 Update London 7-11 August 2017  


pages 56 - 57
1st Georgian National Conference of Heraldry and Vexillology   State Council of Heraldry, Georgia pages 58 - 59
Georgia marks National Flag Day   www.heraldry.ge page 60
New model Moldova  

Tony Burton and media reports

pages 61 - 67
Norfolk Island  

Tony Burton

pages 68 - 69
Gambia - free at last  

Tony Burton

pages 70 - 71

Designer's Corner:      
A new frontline for flag design   www.ted.com page 72
Doing pennants: How to fix an ugly flag   Rebeckah Barnett, ideas.ted.com pages 73 - 77
Seven fantastic flags that break every design rule  

Roman Mars, ideas.ted.com

pages 78 - 79
Book Review: Vexillogistics  

John Cartlledge, Flagmaster

pages 80 - 81
Milwaukee flag make-over   Tony Burton pages 82 - 83
Pocatello ditto   Paul Beam, www.kpvi.com and flag.pocatello.us pages 83 - 85
Adventures in vexillology: The top 10 best designed flags  

Brandon Hundt, Rachelbrandon.com

pages 86 - 91

14 Nations and artful flags (Nations imagined by RH Mathews): Archie Moore  

David Broker, Canberra Contemporary Art Space

page 92 - 93

Archie Moore - 14 Queensland Nations  

Frances Wyld, www.artlink.com.au

pages 94 - 95

Blue over blue   Tony Burton pages 96 - 97
Quiz: Green flags   Tony Burton pages 98 - 99
Senator rains on Rainbow flag   Tom McIlroy, Sydney Morning Herald pages 100 - 101
Australia Day and the flag   Jenny Noyes, Sydney Morning Herald page 102
Book Review: Worth Dying For   Lawrence Joffe, www.thejc.com pages 103 - 104


The second edition of Crux Australis for 2017 opens with an update on arrangements for the 27th International Congress of Vexillology in London this August, and explains the Congress flag. It also reports on an analogous but smaller flag meeting of regional vexillologists and heraldists in the Georgian capital Tbilisi late last year.

A new flag has been proposed for Moldova as a newly-elected President steers the country more closely to Russia and away from neighbouring EU member Romania, despite a shared history but a confusingly similar flag.

The principles of effective flag design are expounded in detail, with examples including proposals to redesign the flags of three US cities, and the official flags of Norfolk Island, where responsible government has been terminated and of the Republic of The Gambia, where it has been restored.

Aspects of flag design from different perspectives focus on the different shades of blue used in flags, and adaptation of flag-craft by an Aboriginal artist in an exhibition touring the country .

A flag quiz illustrates 28 predominantly green flags, including eight national flags currently in use.

The edition ends with an outline of some flag controversies over alleged political correctness in the display of the multi-coloured Rainbow flag and a billboard promoting Australia Day depicting two Muslim girls with Australian flags.

The edition also contains two book reviews, one dealing with the principles of flag design, the other provocatively entitled flags “Worth Dying For”.




Commentary by Tony Burton


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ICV13 Report


ICV13 Report


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