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Crux 126

Current Issue of Crux Australis: Issue No. 126

The most recent issue of Crux Australis is No. 126 [Volume 31/2] issued for the period April - May 2018.

The contents are:

Vexillogistics (editorial)   Tony Burton

page 55

An artist's irony: fake flags, fundamental fact   Dee Jefferson, ABC Arts pages 56 - 59
Indigenous design avant-garde Colin Jones   Aboriginal Art Galleries pages 60 - 61
Flags in the round - part 1   Quiz pages 62 - 63
Ginan - the littlest star  

Liam Mannix, SMH

pages 64 - 65
The Southern Cross on Australian flags since 1870  

Tony Burton

page 65

Historic Birdwood flag restored   Tony Burton pages 66 - 72
"Australia not a country" - academic sacked   Elyse Wanshel, Huffington Post page 73
Flagging the thin blue line   Tony Burton pages 74 - 78
... and an Olympic blue   Ron Strachan page 78
Flags in the factory   Tony Burton pages 79 - 81
Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games   Ralph GC Bartlett pages 82 - 84
Technicolour vomit: Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games logo   Jonathan Nolan, Coast Design pages 85 - 86
A brash and gaudy splash  

Tony Burton

page 86

Ausflag: old flag for new  

Rose Brennan, Daily Telegraph

pages 87 - 88

Other designs on the (Australian) flag   ColeMercury and Tony Burton page 89
The Queen's personal standard in Australia (and elsewhere)  

Laura Tchilinguirian interviewing Ralph Bartlett, ABC Radio, Canberra

pages 90 - 94

Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge   www.cai.cam.ac.uk and Christopher Brooke, A History of Gonville and Caius College (extract) page 95
Ireland's flag at 170: fifteen facts  

Darragh Murphy, The Irish Times

pages 96 - 97

In a corner of Europe: Corsica and its course   Tony Burton pages 98 - 104


With anniversaries of national significance on 29 May and 25 April, the edition opens with examples of innovation by Aboriginal artists, one directly related to flag types, the other adapting the dot technique of the Central Desert, amenable also to flag design. A related quiz looks at some of the many flags based on the symbol of a circle.   

The Anzac anniversary prompts a report on the reconstruction of the Australian flag sent to Australian Forces Commander in World War I, General Birdwood and displayed at his tent on the Western Front. The Newcastle women’s spontaneous act, and Birdwood’s formal use of the flag makes its story a reliable guide to Australia’s flag heritage, compared with imprecise claims made for the Australian flag at Polygon Wood in 1917.    

The Southern Cross on the Birdwood red ensign and its national blue counterpart is now linked with indigenous recognition in the renaming of the smallest star. Among the many graphic changes on Australian flags since the adoption of colonial ensigns in the 1870S, Ginan still has five points. 

Despite its remarkable flag, a US academic insists that Australia is not a country.Ausflag’s 2018 proposal for an alternative compares with independent design.  Flags Australia’s interview on national radio provides information of the personal flags used by our Head of State in Australia and some other countries of the Commonwealth. A chart of the national flags of athletes competing in the 21st Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast is enclosed (prepared by Ralph Kelly) while the logo has attracted comment. As to flags in sports, a Korean example underscores the fatuity of putting maps on flags.

A visit to one of the premier flag factories in Australia provides insight into the practical and complex process of making functional flags.

The recent phenomenon of national flags defaced to publicise the role of police and other emergency services raises questions of the necessity for and the justification of such flags. 

Beyond Australia, and to mark the passing of renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, the unusual banner of his Cambridge College, Gonville and Caius, is explained. 15 facts mark the 170th anniversary of the Irish flag, while the somewhat bizarre flag of Corsica recalls what has been described as the first Revolution of the Enlightenment.




Commentary by Tony Burton


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