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crux 130 Crux 131 Crux 132

Previous Issues of Crux Australis

Following is a complete listing of all issues of Crux Australis including all the major articles.  Minor "notes" and illustrations without text are not included. Issue 4 of each volume includes a full index of all flags and topics contained within individual articles.  Articles which do not have an identified author are credited to the editor at the time.  Pages in Issues 1-24 were numbered individually; for later issues, pages are numbered sequentially by volume.

A number of the state libraries in Australia subscribe to Crux Australis and all issues from No.1 are available in their reading rooms. Whilst several state libraries ended their subscriptions (as an economy measure), Flags Australia has restored availability of Crux Australis to the general public by providing complimentary subscriptions to the libraries.

All past issues of Crux Australis are available for sale by Flags Australia, though some early issues are only available as photocopies.

Article name   Author
Volume 33
Issue 133
The Australian flag: high time for a rethink?   LENS, Monash University Australia - National identity
Identity and the indigenous issue  

LENS, Monash University

Australia - indigenous
Aboriginal Arts and Culture Gallery  

Tony Burton

Australia - indigenous

Aboriginal flag row


Lorena Allam, The Guardian, media release by Minister Ken Wyatt and Tony Burton

Australia - indigenous
Under the southern stars  

Tony Burton and Michael Iacuone

Australia - New Flag Designs
The golden wattle flag  

Tony Burton and Jeremy Matthews

Australia - New Flag Designs
Bougainville: an aspiring nation   Ralph Kelly Bougainville
  Flags of the sun   Tony Burton Quiz
  Australian ensigns red handed down from history  

Tony Burton

Australian Flag - History
  From one red ensign to another (Hong Kong)  

Tony Burton

Hong Kong
  Hong Kong's flag was designed to be a symbol of unity   Oscar Holland, CNN Hong Kong
  Legendary Darwin flag man   Gabrielle Lyons, ABC Radio Darwin Vexillologists - Profile
Volume 32
Issue 132
Flags as homework   Malcolm Bourke Vexillologists - Profile

25th International Congress of Vexillology


based on reports to FOTW by Bruce Berry and Ralph Bartlett

Vexillology - ICV
Greenland and its flag not for sale ... yet  

Tony Burton

The flag that could have been Greenland's  

Anton Pihl


How Fred Brownell designed South Africa's flag


BBC News Magazine

South Africa
What the flag means  

Yolisa Mkele, Sunday Times, South Africa

South Africa
Hong Kong reads the stars  

Tony Burton

Hong Kong
"Not us": Push for a new ACT coat of arms gathers momentum   Dan Jervis-Bardy, Canberra Times ACT
  Wagga Wagga City Council   City of Wagga Wagga Australia - City flags
  City of Goulburn, NSW  

Jonathan Dixon and Tony Burton

Australia - City flags
  A waratah, not a lotus  

Tony Burton

  Is the waratah emblem about to be plucked?   Peter Hannam, Sydney Morning Herald NSW
  Topeka, Kansas   Greater Topeka Partnership and WIBW-TV United States - City flags
  Say it with flowers   Tony Burton Quiz
  Foundations of vexillology:      
  Aspects of flags 232   Tony Burton flag design
Issue 131
National Day, Sorry Day   Tony Burton Australia - indigenous
Designers' Corner:      
City of Adelaide reprise  


Australia - City flags
New coat of arms for ACT?  

Cassandra Morgan, Canberra Times


Dr Fred Brownell obituary 1930 - 2019


Bruce Berry, SAVA

Vexillologists - Profile
Sutherland County part 2: design lessons learnt  

Caroline McMorran, Northern Times, UK

  Golden guidelines in assessing flag designs  

Tony Burton, Vexillogistics

Flag design
  A flag for Martinique   Olivier Touzeau, FOTW Martinique
  Bahamian rhapsody   Tony Burton The Bahamas
  Sydney on a stick: flags at the 2019 Sydney Design Festival  


Australia - New Flag Designs
  Arts + Design: ethereal flags - Janet Echelman   Carly Alaimo, ideas.ted.com


  A brief guide to flags of Texas  

Tony Burton

  Lone Star flags  

Tony Burton

Flag Quiz
  New Mississippi flag proposal   Washington Post


  Burundi - from B to G: the flag moves to a new capital   Tony Burton Burundi
  Foundations of vexillology:      
  Who gets a state and why?   Stephen D. Krasner, Foreign Affairs National identity
Issue 130        
crix 130 Our city's flagging symbol   Craig Fauser, The Advertiser Australia - City flags
Prince Leonard leaves Hutt River  

Mark McGuinness, Sydney Morning Herald

Australia - other
Sutherland County, Scotland   www.royalnavy.mod.uk/news Scotland
Vale, Michael Faul 1943-2019  

Tony Burton

Vexillologists - Profile

Africa Suite:

  Uganda: a tale of two flags  

Tony Burton and other reports

  Insignia and flags of Uganda's traditional kingdoms  

Hubert-Herald and www.idtg.org

  Analysis of a process relating to the flag of Uganda and others  

Tony Burton

  Tanganyika and Tanzania   Tony Burton Tanzania
  Madagascar and Benin   Tony Burton Madagascar, Benin
  Flags of a feather  

Tony Burton

Flag Quiz
  The Republic of South Moluccas: Part 2: flag raised, still treasured  

Jos Poels

South Moluccas
  Indonesian police arrest 17 French fans in flag mix up   Barney Henderson, Telegraph, UK Indonesia, South Moluccas
Issue 129        
Crux 129 Raising the standard, leading the way?   Tony Burton Australia - ANFA, Australian Flag - History
The white flags  

Tony Burton

Flag Quiz
Designers' Corner / curiosities:      
Armistice 1918 and flags in a circle   Flags Australia members Australia - other
  Writing on flags  

Tony Burton

  Making America great again - with 51 stars   Ralph Kelly and Tony Burton United States
  Flight Centre fake facts  

Tony Burton

  A million dollar flag?  

Tony Burton, based on a suggestion by Ron Strachan

  So near and yet so far - Republic of South Moluccas  

Tony Burton

Indonesia, South Moluccas
  The flag of South Moluccas - a symbol of resistance (part 1)   Jos Poels South Moluccas
  Patriotism and art:      
  Flags painterly   AskArt, www.askart.com Art
  Jasper's flag(s)  

Jason Farago, The New York Review of Books

  Art of Ab the Flag Man: patriotic wood turner  

Sheila Gibson Stoodley, The Hot Bid

  The story behind TIME's "Beyond Hate" cover   Edward Felsenthal, TIME Magazine Art
  The flag of compassion  

Tony Burton

Volume 31
Issue 128        
New Zealand's flag is older   ABC News Sydney New Zealand, Australian Flag - History
Ensign red ...   Ralph GC Bartlett Australian Flag - History
... and flags of gold   Tony Burton Other
A golden flag for Australians?  

Ralph Kelly

Australian Flag - History
Flags of the Cloth of Gold  

Tony Burton

Flag Quiz
  One leg in front of the other: The Isle of Man's Triskelion - Part 2   Ralph GC Bartlett Isle of Man
  Talkin' tough over the flag   Matthew Knott, Sydney Morning Herald

United States

  Trump's Crayons   Peter Stubley, The Independent United States
  Flying the flag   Peter FitzSimons, Sydney Morning Herald United States
  The American flags on the moon   Jim Axelrod, CBS News United States
  Designers' Corner: closing the circle:      
  Colorado   Chris Young, FOTW United States
  Commonwealth of Dominica - with parrot  

Tony Burton

  West Indies Federation: making waves  

Tony Burton

West Indies
  Invictus Games Sydney October 2018   Ralph Kelly Australia - sports
  Druze in the news  

Tony Burton

Israel, Syria, Lebanon
  Flags Australia Annual Meeting, Newcastle 25 August 2018   photos by Ralph Kelly and Ralph Bartlett Flags Australia
  Vale Peter Markwick   Ralph Kelly Vexillologists - Profile
Issue 127        
Crux 127 The red flag takes the biscuit   Tony Burton Australia - other
Seeing red over the "wrong" ensign   Brendan Mounter, ABC Far North Queensland Australia - other
The flag myths of Polygon Wood   Tony Burton Australia - military
The Governor's golden ensign  

Tony Burton

Australia - other
Nowhere like Niue  

Tony Burton

The Aboriginal Flag: a case study in vexillology   Tony Burton Australia - indigenous
  The Aboriginal flag: symbolism, history and meaning   www.welcometocountry.org Australia - indigenous
  National flag is for all of us   Daily Telegraph, editorial Australia - indigenous
  The view from the hill   Nick Hose, ABC News Alice Springs Australia - indigenous
  Putting out more flags: change in Malaysia   Tony Burton Malaysia
  Violet, white and green: centenary of women's suffrage   Tony Burton United Kingdom
  Flag burning and power play   Tony Burton Israel
  Vexinoia: ignorance, credulity and paranoia  

Tony Burton and Elizabeth Licata, The Daily Meal

Flag Usage - International
  Flags in the round - part 2  

Tony Burton

Flag Quiz
  eSwatini   Tony Burton Swaziland
  A Balkan salad: Four flags and name change for Macedonia  

Tony Burton and Australian Associated Press

  One leg in front of the other: The Isle of Man's Triskelion - Part 1   Ralph GC Bartlett Isle of Man

Issue 126

Crux 126 Indigenous design avant-garde Colin Jones   Aboriginal Art Galleries Australia - indigenous
Flags in the round - part 1   Quiz Flag Quiz
Ginan - the littlest star  

Liam Mannix, SMH

Australia - indigenous
The Southern Cross on Australian flags since 1870  

Tony Burton

Australia - other
Historic Birdwood flag restored   Tony Burton Australia - military
  "Australia not a country" - academic sacked   Elyse Wanshel, Huffington Post Australia - other
  Flagging the thin blue line   Tony Burton Australia - other
  ... and an Olympic blue   Ron Strachan Korea
  Flags in the factory   Tony Burton Australia - flag usage
  Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games   Ralph GC Bartlett Australia - sports
  Technicolour vomit: Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games logo   Jonathan Nolan, Coast Design Australia - sports
  A brash and gaudy splash  

Tony Burton

Australia - sports
  Ausflag: old flag for new  

Rose Brennan, Daily Telegraph

Australia - New Flag Designs
  Other designs on the (Australian) flag   ColeMercury and Tony Burton Australia - New Flag Designs
  The Queen's personal standard in Australia (and elsewhere)  

Laura Tchilinguirian interviewing Ralph Bartlett, ABC Radio, Canberra

Australia - other
  Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge   www.cai.cam.ac.uk and Christopher Brooke, A History of Gonville and Caius College (extract) United Kingdom
  Ireland's flag at 170: fifteen facts  

Darragh Murphy, The Irish Times

  In a corner of Europe: Corsica and its course   Tony Burton Corsica
Issue 125 Identity:      
crux 125
Under two flags: Duality, reality and identity   Tony Burton Australia - national identity
Emblems of Identity: The pageantry of monarchy   Ralph Bartlett and Tony Burton Australia - other
Would a WAxit really happen?  

Jacob Kagi, ABC News

Western Australia
A question of identity  

Kazuo Ishiguro, When we were orphans (book extract)

National identity
George Megalogenis says Australia must embrace Eurasian future  

Kim Jirik and Beverley O'Connor, ABC News

Australia - national identity
Blackbirding: Australia's history of luring, tricking and kidnapping Pacific Islanders   Will Higginbotham, ABC News Australia - indigenous, ASSI
  Designers' Corner      
  Clancy's flag   Tony Burton Australia - New Flag Designs
  Gary Graf's "Outback" flag   Tony Burton Australia - New Flag Designs
  Banking on the logos   Tony Burton Design - Logos
  Flags and emblems of unorthodox design   Tony Burton Flag Quiz
  Guamanians and their flag   Jamie Grierson, The Guardian and Tony Burton Guam
  The nation state and the state of the nation  

Gerald Webster and Luna Garcia, AAG Center for Global Geography Education

design - national flags
  Kosovo - a design perspective  

Tony Burton

  Catalunya   media reports Catalonia
  Rot un wiss - Elsass/Alsace  

Tony Burton


Index compiled by Ralph Kelly.

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